Centapse | Investing in art: the clash of heart or head
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FER96235 Ulysses and the Sirens, 1909 (oil on canvas) by Draper, Herbert James (1864-1920); 176.9x213.4 cm; Ferens Art Gallery, Hull Museums, UK; English,  out of copyright

Investing in art: the clash of heart or head

Art is among the most emotional of asset classes. The journey from art lover to art investor can be littered with pleasure and pitfalls, and the profit may take many forms. For investors who want to take their love of art a step further, the decision to buy a piece of art as an investment may mark the ultimate clash of heart and head. To help us scope the battlefield, Greg B Davies – founder of Centapse (a firm dedicated to applying behavioural insights to financial decision-making) – discusses what his research has revealed about the trends and the challenges of adding art to one’s investment portfolio.

Investing in art: the clash of heart or head – From interview with Lombard Odier, Europe Now (2nd half 2016)